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Imperial Convention Locations  

 2018 - Charleston , South Carolina

​2019 - Wilmington, North Carolina

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Imperial Clan of the Grand and Glorious





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2017 International Hillbilly

​Of The Year!

​(R) Billy Eden - Clan#82

Being congratulated by

Convention Chairman

​Rocky Kearney

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2017 International Hillbilly Queen Clan#82

Renee White

Elf Khurafeh Shrine center - Clan#55

​New Tele Health Center

***ATTENDITION!!!***OMAR SHRINE CENTER MAKES DONATION***Please click on article below***Charleston, SC. Convention A GO!!2020 50years of this sideline degree!!! Will it be your clan hosting it!!!Remmeber to host a convention - you must have a letter submitted to Imperial Clan!!!!New Imperial Calendar of events***To add your clan - send email with date and short discription to imperialhillbillynews@gmail.com***Orginal History of this Degree as told by our Founder on History Page***CHARTER REMOVAL LIST now updated and complete and those still on it have had their CHARTER REMOVED!!! OPERATATING WHILE UNDER REMOVAL WILL RESULT iN YOUR SHRINE CENTER BEING BROUGHT UP ON CHARGES OF COPY RIGHT INFRINGEMENT!!!***March 31st deadline for reports***Any Clan that has not filed a report for three years, Prior to End of Imperial Hillbilly business meeting, WILL HAVE CHARTER REMOVED!!!!!!See the newest member clan in good standing Clan#187***Welcome Clan#187 - SEE them by clicking clan news***Check out shriners village link***Down load copy of new consitution and by laws on this site***Hillbilly Clans have donated to either Shrine Centers transportation funds or Shriner Hospitals for Children in excess of $12,000,000.00 since 1981***This proves that LOVE TO THE RESCUE is just not words to them - Keep up the great work***Submit your pictures and articles to webmaster***